Beyourbody Academy Grinberg Method

Learning a new profession to touch people’s life

BeYourBody is an academy to learn a new and unique profession: the Grinberg Method.

This profession is based on touch and body attention and allows to approach each single person as an individual through a personal development process that aims at physical and emotional well-being.

You can be interested in learning with Beyourbody Academy Grinberg Method, if you:

– want to learn unique skills of bodywork and body attention

– have a never-ending thirst for learning and discovering

– are looking for a profession that deals with personal growth using tools that go beyond knowledge and understanding

– love to work with people and want to give them their best

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from 04.11 to 11.11 2023
from 03.02 to 10.02 2024
from 04.05 to 11.05 2024
from 03.08 to 10.08 2024

The professional studies will take place at Fontallorso

What you will learn attending Beyourbody Academy?

On the feet of people, you see how people walk in life. Indeed, you’ll learn to assess and describe people’s potentials and imbalances by looking and touching at the feet.

The human body has the innate ability to heal itself when it has enough energy and attention. For this purpose, you’ll learn to use touch to open a door towards body awareness. As a result, the body will be able to recover from physical, emotional and mental traumas.

Each person has a unique potential and a personal way to fulfill it. For this reason, you’ll learn to create individual learning structures that will allow your clients to achieve their personal aims.

Fear and pain are the most powerful survival energies. So you’ll learn to teach people to stop avoiding and start using these energies in order to achieve personal freedom.

Our ability to think is not just in our mind, but in all our body. So you’ll learn to think and to perceive your client’s reality beyond what your mind can understand.

Our professional studies

If you want to know more about our three-year Beyourbody Academy Grinberg Method training, you can read about it here. In addition to that, you can visit is the official website of the Grinberg Method.

Beyourbody Academy teachers are members of the International Association of Professionals of the Grinberg Method, whose website is


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