To have an idea of the training of the Grinberg Method you should imagine a profession where you touch people’s life.

And now imagine a training where you learn to touch not only people’s bodies, but also their emotions and even their thoughts.

Now imagine a training where you learn to touch with your hands, with your voice, and with your presence.

Imagine a training where you learn to touch people’s fears, their pain and their hidden dreams.

You learn to touch people in a way that they become aware of the treasures that they carry in their bodies – and may learn to use them in order to live a happier and healthier life…

This is the training of the Grinberg Method with Beyourbody Academy


Over the course of 3 years, we offer you:

810 hours of face-to-face lectures, life demonstrations and practice

3 private lessons

3 supervision meetings

12 Group Supervisions


in Italian with translation in English

from 22.10 to 29.10 2022
from 14.01 to 21.01 2023
from 25.03 to 01.04 2023
from 24.06 to 01.07 2023

The professional studies will take place at Borgoacquapaola
Bracciano ROMA

Abilities that the student gets during the 3 years of the training of the Grinberg Method:

– Approaching people by teaching and learning through the body as the methodology is based on body attention

– Assessing people’s potential and their blocks through the feet as feet show how people walk in life

– Creating a learning program for clients in order to give them them the opportunity to fulfill their personal aims. At the same time you learn to create a strategy and develop a customized process for each person

– Describing client patterns in order to make clear what he needs to change while guiding client’s experience using relevantly verbal guidelines

– Using touch as language: learning to perform techniques and being able to of touch deeply and attentively

– To wake up client’s energy and attention on the physical, emotional and mental level

– Enlarging perceptions: creating silence, focusing attention, perceiving the client’s state of being beyond logics (containing), relearning ability to think

– Training physical power and endurance

– Working with pain and transforming it into a healing energy

– Teaching clients to transform their fear into power

You can have a deep knowledge of the professional studies reading the Student Handbook written by the Grinberg Method.

After diploma:

As a professional with the diploma you’ll be able to attend the masterclass with Avi Grinberg to get Grinberg Method international Diploma. Then you’ll be able to attend advanced courses with founders of Grinberg methodology. You’ll have also the right to join international association (IAGMP) as member.

Contents of the 3 years of studies:

First year – Year A

–       Basics of foot assessment: recognizing physical patterns in the client’s body

–       Working on the feet

–       To work with physical patterns on the body

–       Basic qualities of touch (Air touch, Fire touch, Water touch, Earth touch)

–       Teaching clients about body awareness, breathing, silence, raising the level of energy and stopping basic

At the end of first year, you’ll be able to lead a basic process with clients (up to 1 year of duration), in which they’ll learn to pay attention to their body, to breathe freely, to transform pain, and to let the fear flow naturally.

Second year – Year B

–       Recognizing automatic reactions in clients body

–       Teaching clients to stop (PASSION process)

–       Foot assessment in depth: description of different aspects of patterns like moods, emotions, thoughts, needs

–       Working with the history

–       Touching techniques that require a higher control of the fingers

As a practitioner at the second year of study, you’ll be able to lead more complex and longer processes in order to teach clients to stop whatever they don’t want in their lives, including damaging patterns on the emotional and mental level.

Third year – Year C

–       Working standing and in different positions with clients

–       Deepen the ability to think and to describe reality instead of interpreting it, developping perseverance and discipline as a professional

–       sMove basics and more than 100 body attention exercises

–       Writing individual training programs for clients

–       Learning the basics of recovery in order to enhance the self-healing power of the client’s body

As a result of the 3 years of studies, you’ll have learned the abilities to lead a full learning process of the Grinberg Method. The skills you’ll achieve include following the client’s development through an individual training program and managing a learning process in which the client does the connection between the tools learned in the process and the specific situation in life they’re working on.


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