Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method is a discipline of attention. It teaches to become aware of ourselves, aiming to use our body attention to create substantial changes in our life quality.

Is a revolutionary approach to people life, done through the body, by using touch.

What does body attention mean?

Our attention is our ability to perceive the surrounding world and us. Our body attention is our ability to perceive the surrounding world through our body.

All our body is designed to perceive. Therefore, to achieve a full and powerful attention we need all our body.

The Grinberg Method teaches to fulfill our personal and individual potential.

–   By unifying ones attention (physical, emotional and mental a perception of us and the world)

–   By using all our available energies, including our energies of fear and pain


How does it work?

Working with touch and instructions,  the Grinberg Method aims to teach people to take responsibility for their lives and thus to become more free and powerful.

The professionals of The Grinberg Method teach their clients to become aware how they get stuck in their personal damaging habits (mental, emotional, and physical habits), and to gain control over them in order to stop them in order to become more free and powerful.

Which possibilities does Grinberg Method offer?


One-to-one sessions for a personal learning process through the body to accomplish a goal in one’s life. A personal process can also be undertaken to change a behavior or automatic way of reacting in certain situations that does not allow to be fully ourselves.

One-to-one recovery sessions from a physical traumas or chronic symptoms

Workshops using body attention exercises on many topics. For example, how to learn to say no, manage anger, stop reacting automatically to pain, think with the body. Everything with an approach that starts from the body.

Workshops and movement courses sMove! – stopping movement training. The Grinberg Method also offers an innovative and funny approach to movement. It is a training for body attention, where you move by stopping movement following the beats of the music.

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Disclaimer:     The Grinberg Method is a methodology of attention that teaches through expanding and focusing body attention. It does not claim to heal, to be an alternative medicine, a massage therapy, or to be considered among the helping professions. It is not intended for persons suffering from conditions considered life threatening. Nor for those with conditions or serious illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention. Moreover, it is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of required treatment. The method has no ideological or mystical basis and does not demand any particular lifestyle.



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