A new book of Avi Grinberg has been published

New book of Avi Grinberg

Avi Grinberg, founder of the methodology we teach in our Beyourbody School, has published a new book “Becoming Yourself: Body Attention and the Fulfillment of Potential”. This book is a practical guide to achieving personal freedom by using fear and pain, not as enemies, but as allies and developing the innate intuitive abilities of our being.

In the methodology we teach there is an alternative approach to human perception, based on the experience of reality that starts from the body, instead of mental interpretation.

In Avi Grinberg’s book, a discipline is described that allows you to live fully and free from mental and physical patterns. In fact, the book describes the tools for learning to identify the patterns in the body in order to embark on a somatic path to let the body work, to let emotions and feelings flow freely and to stop those patterns that do not let us be fully alive, present and satisfied.



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