Letting the body work

The human body has the ability to heal and rebalance itself. This ability is natural and innate and the body uses it continuously, although we are not aware of it and we do not realize how this can happen in an intense and effective way. In order to be aware of it we must reach the state of body attention so that the body does not invest energy in useless efforts. This is what it is called “letting the body work” in the methodology taught by BeYourBody Academy.

Let’s make an example, if a person does not breathe deeply, he will not have enough energy to be strong enough to reach his goals or if he reaches them he will do it with effort, he will be tired.

The Grinberg methodology taught in the BeYourBody school has the precise aim of teaching people to develop their body attention and consequently let the body work. In this way, people can use his innate abilities. The experience of letting the body work is unique to each person and extremely personal.


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