To flow with life

Learning the skills of The Grinberg Method

To be alive and to stay alive, to fulfill our personal wishes and needs, to go for what we want – we need energy. And our primary and most essential source of energy is our breath: It’s the intake of Oxygen that our body needs to transform our life energy. But it’s also the flow of life that enters our body, creating a harmonic movement that sets the pace for the rest of our organism and allows us to flow with life.

When we breathe as our body needs, we’re powerful, and life flows.

Grinberg Method to flow with life

Breathing may sound simple. The point is that actually it’s not about breathing. It’s about the freedom of our body to take – and to return – as much air as it needs, in every moment of life. As soon as we manage to tap into this sense of bodily freedom, we unfold a completely different (and definitively more powerful) way of life.

Presentations of the skills to flow with life

With “The freedom to flow with life” I start a row of presentations to acquaint you to many of the skills that you will learn during the studies to become a practitioner of The Grinberg Method. Each presentation is an invitation to explore a different skill, to experience how it may affect your life, and to find an entrance door into becoming more yourself.

In this presentation I want to present you a kind of body awareness that invites our bodies to flow with its breathe, and thus to flow with life. You won’t experience the “right” or “wrong” way of breathing, but you’ll find out what your body really needs – and then you’re free to follow it.

These presentations will be monthly. Over the course of one year, I’ll introduce you into: flowing with fear; transforming heart pain; stopping what diminishes you; creating silence; getting clarity about your personal fulfillment in life; achieving natural confidence; personal loyalty to achieve our personal aims; how to maintain a high level of energy; using anger to keep your limits. I’ll keep you updated about when they’ll take place.

The presentation “The freedom to flow with life” will take place Saturday, February 19th, 10 am CET (12 pm – noon – Moscow time), online. It will last about 2 hours. To register and join, please follow this link:


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