Touch as a Language in the Grinberg Method

Touch as a language

Touch is commonly used to relax muscles, stimulate circulation, reduce stress or rebalance energy flow. The Grinberg Method uses touch as a language to teach through the body. In fact, the practitioner communicates with the client’s body using many different types of touch for the purpose of teaching. In this way the client pays attention to a certain area of the body and the experience of feeling in this area.

Types of touches

Four basic types of touch and about 100 techniques are taught during the three years of study. Each of them is given by a combination of touch types, directions, intensity and speed, mixed to teach a specific lesson. Even the verbal instructions and descriptions require the body to focus on a specific area to allow it to experience and do what it would do naturally without interruptions or interference coming from the mind or the past.

Living the experience

The goal is for the client to become able to control and choose whether to react to whatever happens or to go through the experience whatever sensation that entails. As a result of this kind of working is that the practitioner teaches the client – in fact, does not treat him, heal him, or cure him – how to achieve the possibility of going through the experience and living it. As the Grinberg Method doesn’t massage, it teaches to uses touch as a language.

Touch as a language in the Grinberg Method

If you are interested in learning more about touch as a language, you can read what we propose in our Grinberg Method school here


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