About attention in life

Life requires us to be attentive: we need to find food and shelter; we need to recognize who is an enemy and who will give us all their love and care. Attention happens through all our senses, and requires us to be awake and present. When this happens, we sense the beauty and the ugliness, the pain and fear of those who surround us. We sense what we can do – and where we’re completely exposed to the arbitrariness of life. This awareness is not comfortable. It reminds us that our life is finite – and also that for being finite, it’s infinitely precious. For many people sensing this is too uncomfortable. It’s too intense. It collides with their expectation of living a safe and predictable life.

The repetition

So – we invented the repetition.

Repeating is easy: We do again what worked once, and so we don’t need to be so attentive any more. Most of the times it even works: our teeth become quite clean by doing always the same brushing procedure, and repeating a cooking receipt may result in a more or less tasty dinner. When we repeat something that worked before, we try to minimize the risk of failure, and when we repeated the act several times, we even may do it automatically, with no attention at all. Instead we can  stay being busy with our dearest hobbies: worrying, creating and expanding heavy moods in the world, and feeling miserable but not really wanting to feel miserable but finally continue feeling miserable 😉

Attention in life

Grinberg methodology for attention in life

With time repeating becomes a habit: we make sure that in our lives nothing new happens. And so, our life becomes predictable – and suffocating. Within the Grinberg Method we learn and teach to recover our body attention, and through this to recover our genuine attention towards the world that surrounds us. We learn to trust our body – that it will be able to deal with the fear and pain that happens when we struggle with life – and this allows us to step out of our suffocating existence and step towards a much more unpredictable and thrilling life experience.


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